Dreams and Vampires

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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Laurel knows her business. However, when her clients are being taken one by one by a vampire who calls himself Naken, she fears that somehow the hypnotherapy is also responsible. Laurel's best friend and sometimes assistant, Raithe; fears for her own life, as well as Laurel’s. The two of them race against time to try and figure out why her clients are being taken and how to stop Naken from taking anyone else.

The choices Laurel makes are tantamount to what the future holds for her and the people she loves. Ben, a love from her past has just come back into her life. Kianas is a new love who promises her a future that she could never have imagined, on another world called Htrae. Htrae is a world from another universe filled with beauty beyond belief; but it is also filled with danger - one that threatens Laurel's life and her ability to hold on to her past. If she allows Kianas to turn her, she may never be a part of her son's life. But if she stays human, she is in danger of losing her life.

"We look forward to the time when the power to love will replace the love of power. Then Will our world know the blessing of peace."
-William Gladstone
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