Return of the Prehistoric Vampire

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Htrae has been invaded by alien Vampire from the past. A prehistoric Vampire who are not only savage but whose technology has allowed them to create ships that give them an advantage over Htrae’s modern day beings. They were once banished with magick by the Witch of Htrae but aided by aliens from another planet have returned to claim their planet back.

Laurel is pregnant with Learden’s child and is slowly bringing her army together again under the threat of losing her life at the hands of the one she loves. Returned to Fey Island by the Elves, she and her female bodyguards are now safe from the aliens for the time being, but she is distraught over the threat to her planet, her life and the life of her child from the aliens.

Learden has been captured and turned by the aliens; and according to their prophesy before they can claim the planet again Learden must kill his queen and his love. When he learns she is carrying his child a war rages inside him between his need to protect her and the child and the compulsion of the aliens that he must kill her.

Soleick has sworn to protect Laurel and fight for Htrae after he leads her and her companions to safety. He falls in love with Laurel and pursues her with his desire to be her consort. He knows she is not happy with the need to feed and mate with her male bodyguards; a need on this planet to sustain her Vampire side and to prevent bonding with anyone other than Learden.

The final chapter in the Saga of Htrae will leave you breathless as you share the struggles of a queen who wants only to bring a new hope of peace and prosperity to the daoine of her planet and reunite with her family without shedding the blood of her enemies or of those who fight for her.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
-Sun Tzu
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