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In today's discoveries we are learning that what the mind of man can conceive can truly be achieved. I have done my best, through research, to create what could be a real parallel world, with beings we have classified as mythological. However, I challenge any who choose to discover what the word "myth" actually means, and tell me with certainty, that my story is impossible.

With a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dee Krull spent twenty-five plus years in private practice in Southern California, until she retired in 2005, with her late husband in Tucson, Arizona. During her years in Arizona, she explored her talents in art, music, acting and writing, which is where she wrote "Dreams and Vampires."

The first book in this series was inspired in part by her late husband and his love of science fiction, along with her love of the paranormal. The second book, however, was inspired solely by her characters and her own knowledge of how the mind tends to convince itself that what we do in the name of righteousness is the only way to solve conflict.

This series shows how a seemingly impossible scenario on a parallel world can be very similar to the struggles our own world is experiencing. How conflict and prejudice can be made to seem like the best way to address these problems. Even though this world is very different with a set of very different rules to go by, it still does not understand how nature, and the beings that live within it, must live in harmony. What it is leading up to is a very surprising way to allow life to play out the way it is meant to, without declaring and waging war against the ideas of the one, or the many.

While writing the first book in Arizona, Dee, decided to place her story in Arcata, California. It rekindled her love of the North West, where she now lives with her new husband Bob and where she is currently writing her next series. She has three children in Southern California, one who adopted her in Sparks, Nevada, two in Northern California, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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